Our attitude is reflected through our people.


To deliver relevant Process and Placement Solutions that provides our clients in the Retail and Logistics industries, with the appropriate Human Resources to match their identified needs and opportunities.


To be the preferred supplier of, Process Management and Placement Solutions to the Retail and Logistics market in SA.

Operating Philosophy

The Management at Bheka is committed to continually striving for excellence. Trust, Integrity, Honesty and Mutual respect form the foundation of our company and the basis of our relationships with our clients.
It is Important to highlight that we are not a labour broker and that we offer Process Management services and Placement Solutions.

“Our attitude is reflected through our people.”

The rigorous process followed by personally selecting each team member is the key success factor to our company.
The Bheka team and its partners must show Passion, Energy, Enthusiasm, Innovation and above all Professionalism to be part of our offering.

People Philosophy

Our company has a strong empowerment bias in the sense that we are cognizant of previous prejudices that prevailed in many sectors of our economy. In acknowledging this we are committed to providing all candidates with an equal opportunity to match their relevant skill with a specific project, role or employment contract. Out of respect for all our partners and prospective candidates, we will never compromise on endeavouring to ensure that the relevant skill and competence is matched with the identified need.

Our focus is on honest and open communication with all our clients and candidates. Screening includes the below checks:


Criminal Check


ITC and Experian Listing


ID Validation


Full Education Checks


Bheka Management Services is rated and certified as a Level (2) two contributor in accordance with the National Government Policy on Black Economic Empowerment which promotes the rights of all people of South Africa and affirms the democratic values of equality, dignity, and freedom.

The Siseko Trust focusses on the holistic and systematic empowerment of individuals, driven at management level.

Stiaan Viljoen
Managing Director & Chairman of the Board
Having graduated from the University of Pretoria, majoring in psychology he has worked in the corporate retail environment in various retail groups at executive management level and continues to service the industry in his present capacity.
Siseko Ntshanga
New Business Development Director
With an MBA from the Nelson Mandela Metro University amongst other qualifications, Siseko has a vast amount of experience in the labour law and business management industries. His personal strengths reside in strategic thinking, business strategy management and leadership skills. Siseko brings management and financial experience to the Bheka team,